Hollywood Press Dismantling


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Jan 15, 2010
After much aggravation & surface damaging I've surrendered to the "I can't figure this one out" position. I need some guidance! I've got 2 Hollywood Standard Presses that were as grungy as could be. I took apart what would willingly come apart, leaving just the handle & the pivoting steel cylindrical piece intact. I did remove the pin inside the cylindrical part. I soaked it in an anti-rust solution for 4 hrs., then applied my macho "watch me scratch this handle real well with this pipe wrench" idea. Then took it to a guy with a torch to apply HEAT (only on the cyl.) & PULL idea. I can dress the handle back to a recognizable condition, but I've still got "the grunge". ANY IDEAS OR SOLUTIONS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED.
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