SOLD/EXPIRED Hill Country 280 ackley <6lb


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Mar 30, 2014
Hill Country
.280 ackley improved
According to Hill Country it would be a harvester plus rifle. (Pm for serial #)
Made in 2003
Black teflon coated Stainless action and barrel.
Rem 700 la - excellent
Lilja #2 1:9 22"- excellent bore and one or two small nicks in the teflon coating that has made it 13 years...
McMillan ultralight hunter/ green, very light -excellent no dings
Trigger - idk which trigger is in it but it's lighter than my hs custom rifle
If I had to rate it I would say 97+%
Also has a larue tactical 20moa base.

Shoots factory blue box federal 150gr 280 rem .75" @100 yards
Have done little load development and have worked 2 loads:
140gr ttsx @ .75"
162gr amax @ .75"
If I messed with the seating depth I'm sure I could bring to .5 moa.
I'm taking a loss but I want to go a different route...
$1750 shipped with about 30 fireformed cases 3x fired and maybe some fresh norma 280 rem brass.

Please pm me with your number I can send photos. Don't hesitate to ask questions, I will be more than happy to provide a reference from this sight or 24hcf same username.


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