High Tech VS AG Composites VS Other

Ranger Rick

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Sep 6, 2019
In my collection of stocks, I have the same ones as you do except no B&C but I do have a HS Precision and a Stocky’s LR Laminated Rem 700 stock. Stocky’s customer service is great plus I ordered a 300 PRC prefit Proof carbon fiber barrel from them and got it in five days.
For my 300 PRC build that I just completed, I decided on AG Composites after some research. I chose the Visigoth Model with the carbon bronze camo finish.
AG stocks are now my favorite stock. Why? Overall quality (no flaws discovered), good pillar system however I epoxy bed all my rifles anyway, fits me well & feels as good as any of my other stocks, quick turnaround time (7 weeks), and good correspondence. I started my custom stock with AG’s Design page, then called a tech to discuss, sent him/them emails verifying everything and placed my order. Like any company’s CS/Tech reps, some are better than others. I provided AG with the contact info of the part techs that I had talked with.
My 300 PRC build included the Proof CF barrel (Sendero contour), the BigHorn SR3 action with Wyatt’s extended mag fit, Wyatt’s 300 PRC magazine kit, Hawkins Precision M5 Oberndorf bottom metal, and a TriggerTech 700 Special trigger. Assembly was quick and easy :) (20 minutes). Perfect fit! Kudos to AG Composites :) I’m favoring the AG Privateer for a future 6.5 PRC build
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