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    Feb 22, 2011
    Hi my name is Will , I am 30 been married for 10 years , and was married for a year and a half before that . I have 6 kids 5 boys and one girl , oldest son is 14 ,and the youngest is almost a year. I have been disabled for about 5 years with a degenerative hereditary neropathy / connective tissue disease .
    I live in Wisconsin and am getting into reloading and shooting . I could use some help I cant seem to decide witch cal rifle to get . i will hopefully be buying my new gun soon as I figure out what I want, I hunt everything from fox coyote whitetail deer mule deer and elk . I have a savage 24V-A 222 over 20ga that my friend is letting me use nice fox gun.Have a REM 700 want little more punch and want to reach out and touch em.
    Are there any good factory guns to look for? that would be good to build on . A good AR or a good bolt action any help wood be great thank you to all for letting me hang out here with you guys and gals

    Not completely ignorant when it comes to guns ,I just love em all and am having a hard time choosing so lets hear it !
    All so why don't I see any long range 270win guns built I know you can build any thing just wondering if there is a reason and why guess I will stop rambling on thanks