Hi Point Carbine owners?


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May 5, 2015
Rockford, MI
Hey everyone... Last year I bought a Hi Point .40 carbine for my oldest son. It has a bit more bang and boom than the 22's he's been plinking with.

I don't regret the purchase at all. It's seriously a fun little carbine. In fact, whenever I'm going to go shoot somewhere, I almost always just throw it in and take it with me just in case I get the chance to fire a few rounds from it.

It feeds everything I feed it. I've never had a jam or FTF.

Out of the box, the first 3 times I pulled the trigger, it clover leafed grouped 1 hole at 40 yards.

BUT... it seems like every time I put it away and take it back out to shoot at a later date, the POI has shifted (using the same ammo). Sometimes quit a bit. Then I would end up spending time and ammo just zeroing it again.

The rear sight looked like it might be a little wobbly to me so I put a small scope on it and ditched the iron sights. It did not help.

By process of elimination, my next culprit is the plastic top rail. There are some companies that make replacement metal rails but they are $50. This is only a $200 gun. For that reason, I kind of don't want to put any money into it.

There is a part of me that just wants to pull off the plastic rail, put some super glue under it, and put it back on... and call it good.

Anyone have or heard of Hi Point metal replacement rails fixing this kind of thing?