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    Sep 10, 2010
    Hi my name's Josh and im from central North Island NZ
    Im not overly new to this site but have never introduced myself ( To much time reading post's !!! ) I have found this site bloody good for information in all aspects of hunting and guns etc, ive gota say its taken up most of my time on the net checking for new discussions :D
    Anyways ive spent most of my years bush hunting with a rem model 7 .308 iron sights and still love it.
    Um done most of my hunting in our Kaimanawa and recently Kaweka forest ranges.
    About 5 years ago i got the opportunity to hunt with NZ Longranger in the Kaweka's, needless to say ive added to the arsenal a Tikka T3 laminate stainless 7mm Rem Mag with vias brake and leupy VX3L 6.5-20x56, top value for money over here gun)
    So things have moved slightly in favour of the longer range stuff and its been great learning reloading, ballistics and diffrent cartidges etc.
    The Tikka is getting fed nosler brass, fed large mag primers, adi 2225 powder (Retumbo in the states I tinnk) and 160 AB's for close and 162 A-Max for reach.

    So thats a short speil about myself and what ive got, hopefully guna convert the 308 to sub rounds and surpress for bush stalking just for something diffrent but dont know alot about subs???

    Cheers anyways Josh
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    Glad to have your input and sounds like you have a good start.