help....which do I use? have 1st 500 yard shoot coming up!


Apr 23, 2003
ft worth , texas
I have a winchester 308 stealth which I have loaded with hand loaded 175 match grade bullets and have several options for a 500 yard competition. Can someone tell me which I should use. This will be my first time and I don't want to look totally goofy and uneducated? I have a Leupold varix III 6.5x24 with target knobs , a Springfield Armory gen 1 4 x 14 x 56, a Weaver fixed 10 power T series , and a Blazer 8x32 with target knobs. I have no idea which to take . Can anyone help???
I'd stick the Leupold on the rifle, zero it carefully at 100 yards (reset the turret index to -0-), crank on 11 MOA or so and shoot. If you don't hit the target you'll definately scare it.
well thanks guys. I beat a friend of mine and only shot 4 of the 5 rounds due to a previous committments and had enough left over points to beat him anyway with him shooting all 5 rounds. I did check out a nightforce and thats is a nice scope . do u think that would make it any better? also any ideas on spotting scope brands or sizes in the $300 range or so ?? I told him hey look at it this way I had a used rifle I bought and a used scope I traded for and factory ammo against his new rifle and new tactical scope and match grade moly ammo. Guess next time I will do it with both eyes closed and 1 hand behind my back. It seems I am hoooked this long range stuff is confidence boosting and better than white tail hunting least this time of year anyway. Thanks for the help and see ya'll around on here.
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