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Jan 16, 2010
Hey, just got registered today. I figured I would just say hi and that I am completely obsessed with long range shooting. I have four lazzeroni's that get plenty of rounds through them and I dont think I could ask for much more. Shot my mule deer in Montana this year at 586 yards and loved every minute of it. Well anyway, Hi.
Welcome, glad to have you here. Lots of good folks and lots of good info. We don't here too much about lazzeroni's so how about telling us about each one of yours and pics are always welcome. Enjoy.
I am only 27 and have only been into the long range shooting for about 5 years so I am definitely not even close to any kind of expert. I just have always loved to shoot and can finally afford to purchase (to an extent) some rifles with long range capability. I have 3 savage lazzeroni's and 1 sako. 1 of the savages is a left hand and I know they made less than 50 of these so it is a collecter that sits in the gun safe. I purchased it from Jim Lazzeroni. The sako is definitely the pick of the litter for me. That is the gun thats on my shoulder whenever I am huntin. This year in Montana was my longest kill shot on any big game. I went 505yards last year and got to stretch it out a little more this year. I will post some pics whenever I get some uploaded on my computer.
500+ yard shot on a deer, I'd say that pretty **** good shooting. No expert here either but, I think you know more than your giving yourself credit for. I Look forward to looking at your pics. Again, glad to have you here. Enjoy.
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