Hello from Virginia

Oct 8, 2012
Roanoke, Va. at present, 32 years in BC Canada
I am a retired riflesmith. Having built custom rifles many years as Richards Custom Rifles. During the years working as a riflesmith I made several instructional videos on every aspect of how I built rifles and several videos on hunting (shooting) Groundhogs with long range rifles and muzzle loaders. I have advertised many years on other sites and recently had the fellows running this site to get me up and running with an ad for my videos. I have been selling these videos for many years and now since retiring they are a real help to supplement my meager pension. Many of you are happy owners my videos and if you happen to purchase one I sure hope you enjoy it and I am sure you will as I am just an ole country boy and made the videos with a sense of humor and put in them every thing I ever knew about building a precision accurate rifle.
Hold into the wind
Richard Franklin
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