Hello from Stevespeed, first post


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Apr 21, 2012
Greetings from sunny Gilbert Arizona! I started life in the Midwest where I grew up in a rural setting keeping the sparrow population in check with my trusty Crossman air rifle. I had an awesome pair of social studies teachers in junior high that taught an elective class called Sports Club. Amongst other things students were taught safe and responsible gun handling, including field trips to the shooting range to fire rifles, pistols and shotguns. Students also brought their own guns to school to do minor projects such as stock refinishing. Yep, 9th grade students walking through the front door of school with their firearms and there wasn't a single person, student or faculty that had any concerns about anyone dying at school that day. Also reclaimed lead and cast bullets there at school also. In high school I was a member of a junior small bore rifle team which was a great experience. We had Winchester 52C's on loan from the DCM and the local National Guard armory let us practice in their indoor range. Earned my expert badge and was working on my distinguished when Jimmy Carter decided to shut down the loaner program. That ended the team and I drifted away from the shooting sports as the realities of working for a living took higher priority. Fast forward a couple of decades. I never lost my love for shooting, just wasn't front and center. Now I find myself with a renewed passion for the shooting sports with an emphasis on precision. Greetings to all. Steve