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Bob the nailer

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Dec 9, 2009
Hello, I sure am glad to see all you long range shooters here! looks like there will be some great reading.

Things are frozen in Michigan now, that makes for some good yote huntin :D I use a 22 bench rest(.244" neck), resting in a walnut/cherry laminated thumbhole stock, 12X Leupold glass, 24" - 12 twist douglas S.S. barrel, tuned timney trigger, all feed from a Swdeish M96 Mauser action.

My Long range rig is a 6.5x55 Ackley Improved, 24" - 9 twist E.R. Shaw barrel, 12oz trigger and 24X weaver glass. Miss Ackley will drive tacks with IMR 4831 pushing 123 grain Match knigs. The newest addition is a vintage 1960's bench rest rig ; 300 Weatherby magnum with 36X optics, walnut/maple laminated big fatty stock, 30" hart S.S. barrel all weighting in at 63lbs!

Enough rambling I need to scout around this site.

Any one have input on these Huskeman optics shown on this site? never heard of them...
Welcome Bob, if you ever get to the Traverse City area I have a private range with plates from 420 - 1000 yards and an additional area at 1500. Snow or not I shoot all year at least a couple times a week.
Welcome, glad to have you here, maybe when you get a chance you could show some pics of that 63 pounder...love to see it.:)

This is the 63 lb, 300 weatherby magnum! old school for sure with lots of lead and rails for proper straight bag tracking. Build in PA then transfered to CA and finally here in Mich.
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Yes it is curly maple with walnut the bottom of the forarm is diamond plate with rails screwed to the plate. a rail is mounted under the butt stock and lead is poured in the stock to balance the tracking, no bottom metal only a trigger guard, the barrel is a 30" Hart with brake. Its a beast to carry to the bench but I like the classic look :)
Curious-why the brake on such a heavy gun...I would think w/o a brake it had much if any recoil??? ps-I love wood stock guns some of them are absolutly gorgeous.
Not sure why the smith in PA put on a brake, with all the lead and lumber its possible he wanted to control muzzle jump ( like a 1.250" dia. barrel would jump):rolleyes:

MagMan did you get my pm?
Not sure if you were the original owner but, is it possible the barrel/brake had a previous life maybe on a lighter gun...then maybe a break made sense???...Anyway it's still one heck of a rig.:)
Hi Bob, I was born and raised in Muskegon and now reside in NC..but do travel to the home state 2 or 3 times a year...
I am interested in the fact that you used a M96 for your 22, I am a big fan of the 96, did most of my hunting in Germany with a Carl Gustav in the original caliber, paid $85.00 for the rifle and another $400.00 for scope and swenkmontage but it is a tack driver, those German smiths know their business...
By the way that is a great looking stock you have, 63 lbs huh? bet that tames the 300 eh?
Best of luck, and I will be in Michigan next month looking for shrooms, and brook trout...ElDeegun)
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I started smithin Mausers way back when and all have excellent accuracy. The Swede M96 is a very strong action and I don't regret the 22Br chambering along with a 6.5x55 Ackley Improved chambering also. I recently started accuracy testing my M98 in 22-250 and found IMR 4064 to produce 100 yard, sub- 1/4" groups consistantly! I do the builds myself and enjoy the time spent in the shop and developing loads.

Keep em in the X-ring
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