Hello from Michigan!


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May 5, 2015
Rockford, MI
Hello All! Seems like every time I Google a question I have about rifles this forum kept coming right at the top of the search results. Figured I should probably join as I'm on here reading enough already!

I was lucky enough to grow up on some land with my family and shot quite a lot. My dad even had a FFL for a number of years and did some moonlighting as an arms dealer and reloader. He had me melting down wheel weights and casting bullets by 10 years old (And got paid 1 penny per bullet. Definitely less than minimum wage).

Fast forward to a great Air Force career and into the corporate world... I stopped doing much shooting for 15 years of so; except for the first couple days of deer season.

A couple of my current coworkers are avid shooters and I went out with them a few months ago. Dang, I realized I still enjoyed doing this! We had a blast!

So I've picked up a few new guns in the last 3 months and have really been enjoying myself. Also a great side benefit is it gives me something outside to do with my older son and my dad again. Which I love.

Current arsenal includes:
20 gauge single shot. New England Firearms. (First gun, got in 4th grade).
30-30 single shot. (Still can't understand how a 30-30 kicks so hard?)
12 Gauge Rem 870
10/22 Ruger
303 Lee Enfield (maybe my favorite bolt rifle, and I'm not sure why?)
Del-Ton AR15
Hi Point 40S&W pistol (Only downside is people judging you. Very accurate)
Hi Point 40S&W carbine (shares mags and ammo with the pistol)
Mosin Nagant
1903A3 30-06 (almost museum quality I bought from wife's great uncle)
270 Rem 721 inherited from great Grandpa.
30-06 Rem 740 semi auto inherited from Grandpa.
30-06 Rem 783

Haven't really shot past 300 yards before. But I've never really had an urge to until now.

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