Hello from Finland.

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by AtteL, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. AtteL

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    Dec 24, 2011
    First, I´m sorry about my lousy english language.. So I have different rifles in calibers between 22PPC>460 Weatherby.

    One of them is my long range combination: Sako TRG-S 30-378 with Swarowski Z6i 2,5-15x56. In the future, I have idea to rebarrel it to 32" LW Big Bull stainless barrell. I already have that blank barrel, but not reamer yet.

    Anyone have a hint where I can get the reamer for good price?

    Thanks and merry christmas!

    Atte Lipiäinen

    Kouvola, Finland
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    Jun 11, 2005
    Welcome to LongRangeHunting Atte. Don't worry about your English, it's just fine.