hello folks


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Sep 8, 2009
i am really enjoying this webpage .i live in donegal in ireland. shooting is a big sport here and if you like shooting this is the place to come. we have rifle & pistol target clubs near where i live.
i shoot the steyr elite 308 and the marlin lever action38/357 and a special brno .22 rifle that is highly customised. well i am going to browse through the site now for a while its nice to join you all.
good morning out there.
the sun is shinning today in ireland . i really am enjoying this forum. i love hunting and shooting but there is so much to learn. long range shooting is catching on here big time,our problem is with getting imformation. its good to see our young people interested in the sport. we are in the middle of new gun legislation which is very detailed and complex .you can check it out on www.garda.ie, just click on the right hand colum and read the 42 page ammendments.but what ever happens its still a good place to shoot. plenty of deer out there and we have a few target clubs nearby .membership runs from $150-$750 per year. the .223/5.56 and 308 has gained a huge following,wildcat calibers are few and far between. well i have to go now.
take it easy.
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