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Apr 26, 2005
Hey folks were from Michigan my son Bobby and me,Gurnie,, my son kinda got into long range shootin the last few years,,least long to us. We been mostly woods huntin where 100yds was ah real long shot. We both hunt with a longbow too so 10yds is great and 20 is long range..Ha! Anyhow he bought a cooper 6.5 norma ahwhile back that's got ah nice leupold VX6 on it. Hes been huntin in Wyoming and killed deer at several hundred yards. Not to be left behind I just ordered an Savage 270WSM and one ah them Burris Gizmo scopes for folks like myself that are either too lazy or just plain too simple ta figure my yardage for themselfs..Ha! Anyhow lookin forward to larnin bout this stuff from yall. Kinda like a bowguy that don't know howta or aint inclined ta tune his bow to a real nice shavin sharp fixed cut on contact broadhead, so he spends $40 for three expandables.... Sure all my first questions are gonna be funny enough ta catch ah grin off but that's ok. Reading the Barnes manual out of the 270, the old boy in there says that IMR 4350 is great and the 110 TSX is the way to go on deer at about 3500. Said it smacks em like lightin, When it comes ta shootin deer I like smaked by lightin. Recon that the results I would get from that load??

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