Heavy Duty Retractor


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Aug 29, 2010
North West Washington
I was one of those who were waiting for angle compensation in a laser range finder that would work for both bow and rifle and that would accurately work out to 1000 yards.

About eight months after Bushnell came out with the Legend 1200 with ARC; I sold one of my unused handguns, got a small pile of shekels in hand and sauntered into the local sporting goods store to check out all of the competition. I made the sales clerk round up the top three units and we went outside to test them. I find fluorescent lighting does not give an accurate representation of what I will see in the real world, hence the trip outdoors. The fellow wasn't too happy at the prospect but then had he not cooperated, I would have walked.

At any rate, I choose the Bushnell Legend for a couple of personal reasons related to unit design specifics.

While I was very impressed with the unit over-all, I was very disappointed with the lanyard supplied. It had a tiny synthetic loop passing around a small stainless steel pin mounted on the unit and a wimpy (please forgive my technical terminology) plastic fastener completing the loop that goes around your neck. I don't know about you but my shekels come dearly and I could easily envision my tidy investment pulling loose and careening down a gully, bouncing off of sundry rocks and then landing squarely in a swiftly flowing creek.

I normally wear the range finder in its nice padded case attached to my target quiver belt when practicing in my back yard. Silly me, I thought that was being careful! One day I was walking up the trail to my target to retrieve arrows and unbeknownst to me the lanyard had fallen from the case and was dangling loosely as I went. Of course, the loop caught on a stray bush and promptly yanked the neck loop out of the cheesey plastic fastener.

I contacted the factory, asking for guidance and their suggestion was to purchase another lanyard just like the one I had just broken. I was not very happy at that prospect. Then I started looking around for other options. Never happy enough to invest more coin, it took almost six months to stumble (literally) onto the perfect solution. I was surfing the web-site Optics Planet for another project and typed "tether" into the site search box as an afterthought.

Lo and behold! Bushnell Golf makes a retractable tether for their "golf" laser range finders! It is called the 360R. Apparently, Bushnell Hunting does not know Bushnell Golf sells a heavy duty retractor and for about $20! It has a heavy duty belt clip, a 42 inch steel cable and (here is the best part) a heavy duty ring with ¼-20 stud to screw into the steel fitting embedded into the body of the range finder.

My search for a suitable method for preventing damage to my range finder due to the inherent clumsiness honestly inherited from my father has ended and the solution was a Bushnell one after all.
Who would have guessed?
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