Harris bipod on A2 stock



I took my Harris bipod off my PSS and put it on my 338LM which has a McMillan A2 stock. The bipod doesn't sit real tight against the stock like it did on the PSS. The PSS is slightly rounded and the A2 is flat, the contact is at the edges of the bottom near the sides, with a gap in the center.
My question for all of you is, does anyone have a recommendation of a better bipod to fit the A2 or am I just being to picky?
Cut a couple of pieces of leather about 3/8 wide and glue them onto the contact rails with contact cement. That should fill in the gaps and also protect your stock finish.
Thanks guys,
I tend to be real picky about certain things as the bipod just didn't seem to fit right but I like the leather idea.
See rifle pics post.

My A2 wears a Harris bipod. Just make sure the bipod is tight, no problems.
I appreciate all the comments and advice.
Redman, if I had a different stock for the Sako it would be your's.

Tight is right, it'll have to do.
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