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Jul 8, 2009
I ordered one of these for my prone shooting and have a question. I have a couple of rifles with oiled wood stocks. I know these are not supposed to scratch the stock when mounted. I am looking down at the mounting bracket on a brand new Harris bipod. there is a pad on the front side of the cutout for the mounting jaws, but, No Pad on the back have of the bracket. Please let me know if I am missing a pad. thanks rc
1. Nobody shoots a Harris Bipod?
2. Nobody is worried about scratching their stocks from a Bipod Rub?
3. Nobody ever looked at their Harris mount to see if/how it is padded? :)

I will call Barlow, KY today and ask.

What are you all using if you arn't shooting Harris? I Do use a hard mounted GGG on my black guns, but, I am planning to shoot the Harris on everythings else.

Thanks for the great site. rc
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