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SOLD/EXPIRED Harrington Springfield .58 Cal Muzzleloader


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Oct 12, 2012
I'm going through the safe and making some room for some recent purchases. Up for sale is a Harrington Springfield .58 Cal Muzzleloader. I'm letting this one go for $250.00 shipped to your FFL. FFL must take transfers from individuals or else add $20.

If it is a muzzle loader, why are you shipping through an FFL?
I am interrested in the gun, but not the red tape.
Bump..........For what it's worthlightbulb.............Muzzleloader is not a firearm per ATF and the Guntrol Act of 1968:cool:.....Just open your Cabelas catalog and order onegun) when fed ex brings it to your door maybe you will listen to brothers who are trying to help you legally sell your fine looking smoke pole:D

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