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  • Hello.
    Sorry about your loss.

    The 1885 in 45/70 will re-chamber to 45/90, 45/100, 45/110 and 45/120. if you chose to use the factory barrel. they are normally good barrels and this is a straight forward process.

    I re barreled mine for the extra heavy bullets (628 grain postnells) for 1000 yard shooting and needed a faster twist. but if you stay with 500grains and down you will be fine.

    A re barrel is much more difficult because of the extractor groove (It has to be timed to match the head space).

    The rolling block is not as strong as the 1885, so I would not recommend using it for the 45/120.

    Like you, I like the black powder cartridges because if you don't fire the rifle you don't have to clean it and it can be un loaded without firing it.

    You can PM me if you have any more questions.

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