Handcannons(David Pitt) Anderson,Calif.


Sep 5, 2008
I was turned on to this forum by XPHUNTER
I am a Handgun Hunter,Silhouette Shooter, Calif. State Director for IHMSA,
IHMSA Match director for Hat Creek Rifle And Pistol Club in Burney ,Ca.
I am a Custom KnifeMaker(35years) and a 25year Voting member of the Knifemakers Guild,
I have Bowhunted,Rifle hunted and Handgun hunted most of my life. I have hunted mostly big game.I have hunted three times in Africa(Twice in S.A. and Once in Tanzania)
My Wife and I Owned an Archery Shop In Klamath Falls.Ore. in the 70s
I worked in a Gun Store for about 5 years in the 90s but have always been a Knifemaker
I look forward to learning about long range Shooting and Hunting with a handgun
I Met Dave yesterday at our gun club yearly christmas dinner, what a nice guy. If anyone here is looking for a top notch hand-crafted hunting knife, please consider Dave, I visited his website and saw first-hand a batch of different style knives that were true works of art, built for a lifetime of service. I plan to purchase a knife from Dave. Ron Tilley
Thanks Ron for putting my web site on . Some people might have trouble gettig it if thy don't put http:// before what you published.lightbulb
Ron give me a call this evening so we can get together and go over knife patterns. I have to go to DR. this morning won't get home until about 3:30
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