Newbie from LA Calif


Jan 25, 2012
Hi guys:)

I found this site when I was doing some research on hunting optics. I took my son on an elk hunt in Utah and the only shot opportunity was approx 300 yards and my son was using a.270 with a Lepould scope. I dont blame the equipment or my son I just didnt in my mind want to go more into debt to pick up a better rig in say.300 win mag. My son did get a doe at long range witha.270 but a blacktail isn't quite the same has an elk. Anyway I want to get some advice and will be posting on the optics forum and gun forum. My son will be going into USMC boot camp in Aug so if I am lucky he will have some time off in the winter so we can this time get a cow elk. I myself hunt mostly rabbits and crow but I do enjoy big game hunting with a gun and bow( I will be taking a intl bow hunter course next week ) and hopefully I will bag a few critters before I go to the happy hunting grounds.

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