SOLD/EXPIRED Gunwerks 7mm Dakota

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    Oct 23, 2009
    I am selling this gun for my brother. He purchased it a couple years ago and never shot it much so he wants to sell it. The story on this gun is it was one of the first long range rifles the Davidson brothers built when they first started out. According to Aaron it had sat in their back room for years and they pulled it out and decided to sell it. If I remember right the rifle had roughly 200 rounds through it before he bought it. I have personally put around 50 rounds through the rifle only at 100 yards and the rifle shoots sub moa no problem.

    Remington 700 la sako extractor
    Hi tech Stock
    Lilja Stainless Barrel
    Timney Trigger.
    Leupold 4.5x14x50mm with custom reticle, the label on the scope reads John Burns Precision LLC, exactly the same their Grey Bull scopes. Talley Rings.
    They sent me load info for the rifle for 180 gr Berger bullets. Rifle will come with Redding Dies, 60 pieces of brass 36 of which have never been fired just primed, 33 bullets and one drop dial. Rifle will ship in a hard case to your FFL. Bipod not included.
    $3,500 plus shipping and insurance
    Thanks for looking!