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    Mar 23, 2011
    Any gunsmiths in the south central pa area?
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    Dec 10, 2008
    Clarence Hammond
    Red Lion, PA

    Great gunsmith! I I have two rifles from him a 6BR and 7mm RUM.

    I bought a used Rem 700 BDL and sent it to him. Told him I wanted a 7mm RUM with a 28inch barrel, brake, work the action, and bed it. I love the rifle it shoots the 160 accubond and the 168 VLD's very well. 160 accubond runs 3425fps and the berger 3300. The accubond shoots a shade better but both have posted many 3 shot groups from .25 to .4 @ 100...I shot the 180 VLD into .211 but it showed too much pressure at the gun brake is VERY efficient it is fun to shoot

    The 6BR I bought from him and is a Rem 700 with oversize bolt and a strait Kreiger. I went to pick it up we lapped the rings in and shot it, after shooting and cleaning posted a 5 shot .25" group. It has only gotten better, it has been a dream rifle. Last weekend we shot to 588 and it only had half and inch of vertical stringing but i was not doing well with the wind 3.5"

    A friend has a 6ppc of his and that little gun shoots one hole, we allways tell him he must be off the paper because rarely does it open up to cutting half a

    Good Luck,

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    Jan 31, 2008