Gunsmith recommendation please


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Oct 7, 2013
I need a smith for some machine work. Nothing outlandish or out of the ordinary.

I'm not purchasing a firearm, I don't need ceracote, I don't need my stock polished, I don't need repair, I don't need cleaning.

I need some machine work.

I'm in WA state but at this point I'm willing to drive or ship almost anywhere in the US for a GOOD, RELIABLE shop.

Please share your recommendations !!!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Might check with Dallas Lane. Lane Precision Rifles in Pocatello Idaho. I know he builds Great Custom Rifles and a great guy to deal with. Not sure what you need done but a call won’t hurt to find out if he can help you. Hope that helps and works out. Just the one I know.
Shaen Rifles, as recommended, is top notch. Karl Kampfeld is another good one. I have had Long Rifles, Inc. in Sturgis, SD do work on a couple of Rem actions and bolts for me as well and they both turned out great.