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Jan 23, 2016
Good Morning,

We have been working with Rex Reviews (Sniper 101 on youtube) and Sniper's Hide to come up with a couple new targets. We also came out with a new version of our Load Development and Scope tracking target with a larger centered box test and easier to understand tracking lines labeled in IPHY/MOA and MIL. We also made Stackable tall targets out of less expensive paper. These targets can be stacked. The stackable targets have 25 moa or 7 mils of elevation per target and you could stack 4 and get 100 moa or 28 mils as an example. The new Load Development Targets and Stackable Targets are both in 100 yards and 100 meters.

The REX GRID Target is a 100 yard MOA grid scope testing target. This is 25 moa for elevation and 20 moa for windage. This paper is heavier book stock not the tear resistant paper.


The Sniper's Hide target is a 100 yard Mil target. It has 3.6" increments or 1 Mil increments up to 10 Mil. It has two 10 Mil tracking lines on one target and is made from multi-use, tear resistant and water resistant paper.


The Stackable targets:

Version 2 of the new Load Development and Scope Tracking Target:
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Stackable target


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Thanks for the support.
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