Greetings from NE GA.


Nov 30, 2012
I am obviously new to this site and don't belong to many others. Not a social media user at all. I just turned 69 and have been hunting since I accompanied my dad into the duck blind at age 5. Got my first shotgun for my 9th birthday. Lived in Colorado for 25 years where I was a licensed guide in the San Juans. Ran a horseback pack-in outfitting service for a number of years where I learned that most dandies can't shoot their big magnums, most horses have great noses but are not too bright and will leave you afoot 30 miles back in the high lonesome at the drop of a hat, and the ONLY thing that matters in shooting big game is where you hit 'em. I never lost an animal shot through the lungs, period. Lived in Arizona for 6 years and taught hunter safety at the Tucson Rod and Gun Club, which is a class A outfit. Hunter safety here in GA and FL where I lived before here is a joke by comparison. I won't be asking too many questions and will chime in only when I feel the party is about to become lost, other than that I intend to sit back and enjoy the chatter around the camp fire with all the rest of you.
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