Got out for some doggin


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May 31, 2001
Casper Wy
Tyson picked me up this morning for some trigger time, we headed north a few miles to the same towns we shot a month ago. Lots of targets till we pulled the trigger *** We did managed to get a few but they where very spookie. On the way to the next town we run into the rancher and find out why the dogs are spookie= 5 guys spent three days last week shooting at them, they got a few but must have missed a LOT!
The next town we set up with a lot more caution and I let Tyson start with the little HMR. He got a few and then I started with the 204. Got a few before turning the 25-06 loose with 75 grain Vmaxes. I was shooting the other side of the ridge and looked over to see this.


I'm laughing too hard to shoot so I get a pic. The dogs I was shooting at where 300+ yards out and he has the 17HMR on a cowpie on top of some sage brush to get high enough to sit and shoot. It took a couple shots to get dialed in but the second clip he nails one at 325 yards.Now I've killed a few longer with the HMR but not sitting and deffinatly not resting on cowpatties and sagebrush

The pic doesn't show it very well but it is very green for the first off July
Although it had been cloudy since noon the rain didn't start till we where 1/2 back to the truck=Good ending to a great day........Any day spent doggin is a great day!


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