Goofy groups


Mar 13, 2002
South Dakota
My "problem child" is still at it. I loaded up some MK's and shot it this weekend. I had 2 shots at about1/4" and 1 was 2" lower. I tried pressure bedding with a business card-no change. If I superimposed the groups, I'd have 2 very nice groups with 2/3 of the holes in the top group and 1/3 of the holes in the bottom group. What do I do? Firelap? Handlapping? Rescope? what are your thoughts?
I'm not really sure which shot it is. It was just a nice day and I grabbed and ran.Not many 35 degree days with no wind this time of year in South Dakota. I'm thinking its the first. The fouling group was not as pronounced a vertical spread, but more of a horizontal spread between the top 2 shots.
Having identical problem with a Rem 721 in '06. Just restocked w/laminated thumbhole stock which is quite flexible on the fore end. BBL is floated enough that that shouldn't make a difference.

The rifle shot fine for 54 years with 2 different stocks. Barrel is in good internal shape also.

Will do some more load development in the next few days. Will post anything definitive.
We had that problem this past fall when sitting in for deer season. My brother in law and I where shooting in his brother in laws rifle and we had that same problem. We both thought I was his cheap trashco scope. But for the deers sake we took off the scope and started fresh and found a loose scope base. A couple of drops of lock tight and remounted the scope and things the groups tightend right up. He still ended up missing go figure.
I THINK I found it! The back action screw seemed tight to a normal screwdriver, but when I put the T extension on it, I got a 1/4 turn. Now My groups are3/4" horizontally. Not Too bad with about a 35mph wind at 15-20 degrees.
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