Going to Norway? Leave the LR guns!


Feb 6, 2002
Oslo, Norway
The Norwegian Supreme Court just ruled that *any* shot that *may* cause unnecessary suffering for animal is punishable by, I believe, 2 years in prison.

Isn't this just great? Has anyone ever fired a shot at an animal that didn't carry at least a 0.0000000001% chance of missing the vitals?

Not only can you now go to jail for wounding an animal, you can do so for absolutely clean kills at ranges that a judge deems "irresponsible"! You may actually have to document your shooting abilities to the court if someone as much as reports you for firing at 200-250 yards!

Long Range Hunting just became of academic interest only to us.

God &*%$ed socialists.
Get rid of some of those Law writers/Politicians, clearly they have too much time on their hands and are resorting to extremist ideas in order to justify their job.
No disrespect but might have to do some LRH on those VARMINTS
My Grandpa used to say, "In a democracy you get the government you deserve, so work hard to protect your freedoms."

No one deserves that situation you described, so what form of government do you have in Norway?
sounds like you need a 50 bmg fully automatic, maby 3 or 4 hunters shooting at the same time, same animal. Still might only wound the animal. A good lawyer could prove any shot to be less than 100%.
Been thinking it about it some more. This is so crazy, I expect Kalifornia to pick it up.

Just think. "Politically correct shots"!! The game wardens will be triangulating the shooter and game to feed a computer to give distance. This distance must then be considered based on the weather conditions, eyesight of the shooter, general shooting ability, cartridge, bullet actually used, etc.

Lawyers live for dubious laws like this!
Norway is supposedly a democracy. However, the general voting public is a not only sheep, but misled sheep with no sense of priority or basic economic understanding.

Take Norway's second largest party: The Socialist Leftist Party. In case somebody doesn't quite get the drift from their name: There are ...umm.....about four major parties in between them and the rightmost serious party, which is again somewhere to the left of the US Democrats.

In a word, they're communists. During the Cold War, they took money from Stalin. And a full 50% of the female voting public votes for them! Next time anyone thinks a Norwegian girl is hot, remember there is a fifty/fifty chance she's practically a communist!

Anyway: it gets BETTER! Now 50% of the public wants to TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS. And I don't mean that in any figurative way. I mean, they don't think any civilian should be able to keep a gun in his house!

I'm bloody moving to South Africa.

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Anyway: getting around that law is simple as long as you own the land. Don't bring people you can't trust to shoot straight and shut up.

If you hunt public lands, you're done for.
If you have your backseat free, when you're leaving for Africa, I'm in!!

As long as nobody here in Norway can be on the same side when it comes to who's right, in this gun matters. We shooters, and hunters, will suffer a painfull death, I'm afraid.

They will NEVER be able to take all my guns!!!

Now I had to register,could not help anymore.

I´ve been lurking around this great site and the latest thing I´ve been doing here has been looking for the best .338 Lapua bullet for moose,300 to 500 yds.

Looks like it really is 300 SMK,after reading all I have found here.This is such a great Forum,folks!

Just one thing:

SMK is not legal for moose or deer over here!!! I will seriously consult with my lawyer before using one...HP:s, no matter how good they open at impact,are considered FMJ:s which are not legal.

That is just another ridiculous rule but needs to be taken seriously. We do not want to give antis any reason. Globally.

- Rant mode off -

I hope I fit in although I am not a real long range shooter,I am an active reloader and hunter anyway.Let´s take it easy,Kevral!

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That Adolf Hitler quote was great, I'm going to have to right that one down!


I'll keep that in mind about the 50% comunist for the Norwegin girls. Didn't know that.

You know sometimes you forget that we are in a war and that over time you slowly loose all your rights. I hope I'm dead before it gets this bad. But we have to fight for the next generation.

This new norwegian law is obviously written by people lacking sufficient real world knowledge. No doubt about it.

Nevertheless, I think that we in some sense get what we deserve. Way too many hunters are spending too few hours on the range and shows too little empathy for the game. This will undoubtedly result in strong anti-hunting opinions. Suffering animals affect people no matter if they are right-wing extremists or left-wing radicals.
Oli,I disagree.

No matter how much "empathy",a dead animal is a dead animal. Makes no diff to antis. Tell them "we practise a lot" they tell you "no you won´t,we want to take your guns away and close your ranges".

Everyone makes mistakes. Antis make more than hunters.It´s politics,pal. We have to be clever and tough with all that anti crap. I am doing my part here,I have lived all over the world but now I´m back here in the woods where I came from.

Animals do not have empathy. It is plain wrong to "humanise" animals. That word shold not be used when we talk hunting,it has got nothing to do with respecting your game.

Ethics are not supposed to be discussed here,I read the rules and was glad to see that.
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