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    Sep 26, 2011
    I recently acquired my first rifle and topped it off with a Zeiss 3-9 x 40 w/ Z600 reticle. My next purchase is a spotting scope and am looking at a Vortex Nomad? I think I am convinced this is the glass I want for the price range I am in (taxes in $447) Canadian prices. As for a range finder 1. do I need one and 2. are the cheap ones like a Tasco 600 on sale for $99 from $200 good enough or do I have to go a little up the scale to min. $300 any suggestions or am I just wasting my money?
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    Jan 16, 2008
    1. Rangefinder, do you need one?

    What good is a rifle that is capable of shooting longrange if you don't know how far the target is?

    2. Are the cheap one good enough?

    My first rangefinder was a Bushnell 800. It did a decent job. Inevitably though, you want to range and shoot things that are farther and farther away. As a result, buy the best and be done with it (buy once, cry once). Personally, I have a Swarovski and like it a lot. Although they are $900(US) new, they can be found used for $700ish. Don't fear buying a used unit. I bought mine used and two buddies bought their's used too. They all work just fine. If there was anything wrong with them, the better manufacturers have an unconditional warranty on their units and will repair/replace the unit for you.

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