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    Jan 14, 2013
    I'm Ben from Georgia, not much long range here but I make the best of it! I'm 25 and have been hunting since my dad started taking me at age 4. Now I enjoy hunting just about everything, rifle shooting being my favorite.

    I have been to Wyoming twice for prairie dogs, some confirmed kills out to 500 yards. We only took .223 and .22-250 because anything more keeps the barrels too hot. I'm currently planning to do a DIY mule deer/pronghorn hunt in the western states next fall. Really looking forward to testing my long range skills.

    I also am a learning gunsmith. I rebarrelled one of our .223 Rem 700's that we wore out, it was a pre-threaded and deep chambered barrel from Shilen, shoots really good now. Just finished my first total rebuild, with a #5 contour Shilen barrel on my old Rem Model 7 in 7mm-08. It's the first chamber I cut and threaded to the action. I wanted to use Barnes LRX bullets for long range penetration, it took trying about 10 different combo's with three powders, but I finally got it driving tacks. Put it in a Bell and Carlson aluminum bedding block stock and topped it with a Swarovski Habicht 4-12 x 50. Threaded the muzzle for a Precision Armament Extreme duty M41 brake. So far I am extremely satisfied, didn't have to do any bolt work, but did add a Timney trigger.

    Needless to say, it's addictive and I just bought another Rem 700 to build. Hoping to make this one in .260 Remington with a Shilen light target barrel and use one of the new Bobby Hart LRT laminate stocks from Stocky's Stocks.

    I can't say enough how much I've learned reading from this forum. I hope this wasn't too long winded.