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Dec 26, 2010
The inreach is worth it. Consider one of the more expensive plans for unlimited texts and the ability to suspend your subscription whenever you don't need the device. Pretty easy online interface to turn on or off your subscription.

Delorme / Garmin have several models. Personally I use the SE model. A bit slow to type messages but reliable and runs on the iridium satellite network which is bomb proof. Literally since the world probably has to end for the sat network to fail - so to speak. The other feature is the SOS button that will vector first responders to your coordinates and allow them to communicate with you.

As others mentioned you can pair it with your smartphone using the earthmate app. This allows you to send and receive texts on your smartphone and simply use the inreach as your connection to the sat network. This allows you to use your contact list on the phone to select someone to text or send text to email. If you use the inreach by itself you have to load your contacts before hand through the online interface so they are stored in the device or you'll have to manually type in their phone number or email address as needed.

Personally to save on battery life I use the inreach as a stand alone device and my smartphone to run onXmaps. Since the inreach has very good battery life and my smartphone doesn't I'm careful using the phone.

Note: the device has to remain on while sending and receiving messages and have a relatively clear view of the sky. A bonus it gives you an indication when your message has been sent or when messages have been received.

To be honest even if your not a solo hunter someone in the group should have one.
Ps also think the mapping features are lacking so don't use them and run onxmaps on my phone as previously mentioned.

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