Fujinon spotting scope

I haveuse the big binocular quality is veryhight but price is amazing hight , spotting is just half of a binoculer

good shooting

Brian, I use a Fujinon Super 60 angled scope w/their 30x LER (long eye relief) eyepiece.

Eye relief (how far away your pupil needs to be to see the whole image in case the term is new to you) can be a real problem w/many scopes, because you practicaly have to press your eyeball against the lens to see the whole image. 14-15mm of eye relief, although not uncommon, is NOT enough in my opinion, especially if you wear shooting/sun/regular glasses.

I think the Fujinon Super 60 is an excellent piece of gear. Compact, lightweight but sturdy, and very good optics even without the 'ED' (extra-low dispersion) glass. I stick my scope on a Bogen/Manfrotto Jr. bipod, and it's all I need.

Good luck, whichever you end up buying.
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