SOLD/EXPIRED FS 338 Norma, Defiance, Manners T5

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    Feb 15, 2005
    I built this rifle to see what the 338 Norma would do with a 20" barrel. It turns out that it does just fine! I was able to get 2625 fps shooting the 300 Berger Hybrid in a pretty mild load. I never pushed it harder since my load shot so well, but I'm sure you could improve on that velocity.

    All the metal work was done by RW Snyder Gunsmithing. I can't say enough good things about Robert's work. His workmanship is really top notch. The specs are as follows.

    338 Norma Mag

    --Defiance Machine Receiver
    --PT&G fluted bolt with M-16 extractor
    --Seekins 20 MOA base
    --Lilja 1-10 twist, Sendero Contour, 20" barrel
    --Threaded 3/4 x 24 with thread protector (Threads are there. I promise! Robert did a great job with the thread protector)
    --Manners T5 stock, 13.5" LOP, painted OD Green, pillar bedded
    --Badger M5 bottom metal with one AI mag
    --Remington trigger reworked to 3 lbs
    --All metal Cerakoted OD Green

    I put exactly 135 rounds down the tube. I designed this rifle to be used in conjunction with a TBA 338P-1 suppressor, and it worked very well. It made for a very compact, easy-handling setup.

    I now have a DTA SRS which gives me a compact rifle for suppressor use, so the 338 Norma is for sale.

    Scope, rings, bipod and suppressor are obviously NOT included in the sale, but the pics of the whole setup give you an idea how it looks ready for business.

    I'm selling it for $2850 shipped.