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SOLD/EXPIRED FS: 30 cal hunting and target bullets


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Jun 13, 2011
South Dakota
I got rid of my only 30 cal hunting rifle, and I shoot only 175 Sierra Match Kings in my target rifle, so I have some 30 caliber hunting and target rounds. I want $225 shipped for all of them. I would be willing to split some off and adjust the lot price, but would prefer to sell them as one lot.
Here is the list:
21 - Barnes TSX 150 Grain
56 - Hornady A Max 168 Grain
100 - Hornady A Max 208 Grain
150 - Nosler Seconds E Tip 168 Grain
200 - Hornady SST w/ cannalure 180 Grain
34 - Barnes TSX 130 Grain
100 - Berger hunting VLD 210 Grain
Any inquires just shoot me a PM.
Yea to the guy that bought these bullets the e-tips were already sold to me but jermeybj took them back instead of letting you know that they were sold.
Originally Posted by Jeremybj

I regret to inform you but I have to recant on our deal. I had a guy come along and want them all, which is going to save me a ton in shipping. I hope there are no hard feeling

Well I do have hard feelings. This is some thing I would never do even if I could make more money doing it, your word is who you are.