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SOLD/EXPIRED FS – 6.5/300 RSAUM Improved reamer/gages, custom dies, fire form barrel ++

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Aug 11, 2009

Reamer plus go and no-go gages for 6.5mm-300 RSAUM Improved cartridge (my cartridge design), used for only two barrels (Pacific Tool and Gauge) [NOTE: This is NOT a 6.5/300 RSAUM AI – it has a 40 degree, pushed-back shoulder and a longer neck.] Comparative photo at the bottom.

Custom die set - micrometer sizer, micrometer seater, (9) bushings, and expander by Neil Jones
NOTE: A reloading press similar to the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme (#09356) is required – to accept the 1-14 die body used for case forming/sizing (that press includes a 7/8-14 insert for the seating die).

Barrel - used for fire-forming-only, SS, 1.062x16 threads (1” long), gunsmithing done by Gary Ocock).

Bits and pieces:
 Barrel stub with cut dummy chamber - to use as a bullet seating depth tool
 RCBS shell holder
 Brass – unprimed, fire-formed (once) from Norma 300 RSAUM – 92

FIRM price for all the above EXCLUDING shipping: $645

Logistics: Payment by personal check or money order; shipment made upon your check/MO clearing my bank.

Why am I selling? – to help fund the next project.

Sorry, I am not interested in trades.

I also have a good barrel in this chambering but it has been nitride – meaning, with an assumed tenon length of approximately .700 for the typical Rem 700 action, a competent gunsmith would screw the barrel into the action (without recoil lug in place) until he reaches the desired headspace, then measure the gap between the action and the barrel shoulder, and have Pacific Tool and Gauge or others provide a recoil lug ground to that gap (probably less than $50 for the recoil lug). If you are interested, please PM me. It is a Bartlein (6.5mm (.264/.256), 5R, 1:8 twist, 1.450 straight cylinder, 32" finished, 416R SS) with well under 100 rounds through it.


HG BR cartridge comparison - 6.5x47 Lapua and 6.5mm-300 RSAUM Improved
Just curious what kind of speed you were getting with this setup. I have been dreaming of making a 6.5 short mag but can't find much info on this topic. Thanks any info will help.