Fred Sherman alias fish


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Apr 21, 2012
Lived in No. Wis. for thirty some years and was the local musky guru.You may use fishing tackle but you HUNT muskies. Since I was pretty successful at it. I got the nickname Fish. The passions in my life have always been hunting and fishing. I retired in southern Missouri and since its quite a ways to go to find muskies here I just hunt. Rifles have been a part of me since my preteen years and I have reloaded them most of my life, at first because it was cheaper, but as I progressed I found that individual rifles seemed to perform best with different loads. I have an old 760 30 06 with a peep sight that is the only gun I am comfortable with in the brush. I also load it down a little as it kicks like a mule. My other rifles are all 7mms My go to all around rifle is a 7mm 08 It is a nail driver. I like 139 grSSTs at around 2900fps it is a nail driver and very reliable out to 400yds I usually prefer my Rem 7mm Mag. with 168 grain bergers when I go west even if you can only put two cartridges in it because of their length they are more devastating at longer ranges