Frankford arsenal powder measure


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Mar 9, 2012
New germany, NS
I took the plunge, Cabelas had them on sale with free shipping and I fell out of love with my perfect powder measure.
This thing is very well made and came with its own stand. After cleaning it took 1/2 a pound of powder worth of dumping straight back into the can to get it lubed up. Using IMR7828 it consistently dumps 66.9grns.
So far I have used the Lyman 55, Lee perfect powder, a Quintecs hand held and this one. They are all accurate but, the Frankford's huge cylinder and cast construction really cuts and dumps the IMR stuff like no other I have tried.
It's large diameter cylinder and adjusting plug make it excellent for large cap calibers.
I think that the only thing that they can do to improve it is to send it with caliber specific drop tubes