For those that have quickload


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Nov 27, 2005
Would someone mind whipping me up a 25-06AI load with 110 gr. Accubonds using H-1000 and Winchester brass? Plus whatever powder it recommends. Thanks in advance.
Heres the info that I come up with on Quickload.
3.40 oal
60.4 h-1000 2852 fps 43473 psi 96% fill
65.5 h-1000 3131 fps 57169 psi 104% fill
Thank you very much. I know there are others such as IMR7828, R-22, N-165 ect. that might be preferable but I just happen to have a little over 8lbs of H-1000 and couldn't find a load for it.

I need to get a copy of Quick-Load myself, thanks again.
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