SOLD/EXPIRED For Sale or Trade... Various AR type rifles


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Dec 18, 2008
I have a new LWRC 6.8 spc with a 14.5" barrel and pinned flash hider that I'm looking to get 2500 out of, a POF 16" rifle in 6.8spc and the NP3 finish that I'm into for about the same. A 16" LMT monolith in 5.56 that I'm looking for about 2000 for, a very lightly used RRA M4 in 5.56 and 16" long for about 1100, and an Armalite AR-10T with magpul prs stock for about 2000. What I'm really looking for is a couple really great variable scopes, preferrably illuminated (but I'm flexible) in the 2-10, 2-12, 2.5-10, 3-12 ranges so I'm very negotiable if you think you have a fair offer to make. If your interested, please pm me and we'll get some pics headed your way and talk some turkey. Thanks for considering, Chris O.
You have interst in swapping that m4 for a Rock River varmint 16 with the fast twist and the heavy barrel?

Thanks for the offer, while it certainly wasnt my first thought, I'll consider it. How much use has your's seen? I work out of town and cant send/post pics of mine for about 2 more weeks, maybe I could get some pics of yours in the meanwhile?

Thanks again,

I have carried mine in the truck a bunch and shot it very little. I would say in the 200 rnd range. It is in great condition. It shoots 77 grn white box black hills better than you can believe. I would like to have something a little lighter. I would use it more. I have a singlepoint sling mount on it and a badger big charging handle. It has the wilson barrel. The winter trigger guard and it is a fast twist. I shoot my steel targets out to 700 yds all the time. It really does shoot great. But it is what it is and that is heavy. I am typing from my blackberry right now, so I will get you some pics this weekend
Todd Conley
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