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  • Hello,
    Do you still have the FN TBM magazines for sale? I'm very interested. Please give me a call or text 310-293-0900 Thank you Alex
    Did the trade go through?
    3D welch
    What would you trade have a 308 identical and love it. Text are call 229-869-8512 I may also buy it. Thanks
    please let me know how you want me to pay for the barrel and mark it a Sold pending funds.
    Frank, I bought something from a guynon gunbroker and mixed up the amounts at post office. I gave him $3 too much and shorted you. My apologies. Is it ok if I write you a check for the difference? Sorry again.
    Here is my personal cel
    Joe Nolan
    Thanks for checking Frank but I have a great Ed Brown Damara in 300 wm so a 300 wby would not help me much. Otherwise I would have been very interested. I would be a player for some other long range bolt gun however if cash is not an option.
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