SOLD/EXPIRED FN SPR A3G For sale SCARY accurate.

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    Jan 6, 2003
    For sale:

    FN SPR A3G


    308 Win.
    12 twist
    Straight taper
    Chrome lined bore
    Ops Inc Titanium 20 MOA rail
    McMillan A3 Adjustable with Spacer system
    Machined steel bottom metal
    Stock is bedded by GA Precision

    The complete specs can be seen at the link below:

    FNH USA - Distinct Advantage :: SPR

    The factory test target 3 shot group measured 0.21" with 168 Gold Medal Match ammo. This rifle consistently shoots in the .2's and .3's. Groups in the .4's+ are very rare and can be traced to a bad day. It has shot quite a few groups in the .1's. It will shoot the 175 Gold Medal within factory specs which is .5 MOA but the 168 GMM is exceptionally accurate.

    You don't have to wonder if she will shoot. I've already taken on that burden. I have only shot it at long range once but I was fighting 20ish MPH winds so I did not get the feel for its LR potential. That said, at 300 yards it has done VERY well off the bench. 3 shot groups at .6-.8 inch groups are common. One group was .263"! My best ever at 300 yards. It is surgical.

    In case you don't know, FN guarantees this rifle to hold .5MOA or better for 10,000 rounds. They're customer support is also top notch. This could be the last 308 you ever own. I'll have to check the shooting log book but I believe I have fired just under 500 rounds plus a handful from the factory. I bought this brand new in October. I'm selling to cut down on my collection. I'm moving to the lower 48 soon and need some extra cash. I will miss her. Anybody who knows me knows I LOVE 308s and the more accurate the better.

    Not looking for any trades except possibly a custom stainless action or dolled up Rem 700 stainless long action with standard bolt face + cash.

    Asking $2,700 shipped to your FFL. Buyer to pay any fees from his/her FFL.

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  2. Michael Eichele

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    Jan 6, 2003
    Sold pending funds