Florida Turkey & Gator hunt


Sep 11, 2013
The end of March this year my wife and I went to Florida on a husband & wife combo turkey and gator hunt. The results are shown below-18# Osceola tom and her 10 foot gator. Great time.


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I moved from Md. to northern Fl a few yrs ago. Bein a lifelong hunter & I absolutely fell in love with turkey hunting from my 1st time out ( nearly 3 decades ago ) My fav thing about where I live, by farrrrrrr is that I'm smack dab in the middle of Columbia co. = Osceola Central & we have them around the house & in the back field nearly every day, & flocks from just a few to 50-60 of them. Its awesome when the babies are everywhere too. Never gator hunted, but thats got to be a blast. Sadly, the deer here are 1/2 size - unimpressive compared to the deer back where I'm from.
First and foremost: The Outfitter was: EVERGLADES ADVENTURES (863)599-0086 (Tyler's number, he guided my wife on her gator hunt). His dad guided me for the turkey and to put it mildly he is a turkey whisperer. The accommodations are marvelous and the food is out of this world. Yes we brought home the white meat from the gator and it is great and below is the way we are having her gator mounted, it is a coffee table.


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