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    Dec 17, 2013
    Site looks well managed.
    Retired military, CPT AF, CW3 Army
    Getting ready to relocate to Central Nevada and plan to pester the coyotes. I plan to be more of a varminter than a bench rest shooter. Years ago ground hogs were my topic and my Ruger HB 243 did the job. It has a Unertl 15x on it that is sweet.
    I have swapped the scope from time to time with a Leupold 24x but the dot is hard to see with brush backgrounds so it depends on the environment which one gets to go.
    This not going to be my varmint gun to start off. I will be using a 308 AR type gun that is pretty accurate - by my standards. Groups are cool (now this is my opinion and we all know about that...) but that one shot thing really knocks my socks off.

    A quick second shot shouldn't really be necessary if everything is working OK, and you are able to do your part. The game will change however if more than one coyote shows up. I look forward to that happening, and will consider my self really lucky if only one ever does. Getting out and working the hunt is reward enough for me.

    Hoping to enjoy all this before I am too old to navigate.

    Keep the spurs to your dreams or they will slow down and try to make it back to the barn!

    I have lived all over and gotten to do most of what anyone would want. Like the song says, "Life's been good to me so far....". Hope this next portion of it proves to equal or exceed the previous ones. I have all the toys, and really enjoy using them.

    I wish all those connected with this site a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.