First Sandhill


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Feb 10, 2006
Pueblo, CO
Well, I've been havin' a pretty good season so far, Got my first Bandtail Pigeon and this weekend got my first sandhill crane. Pretty darn happy to do that in one year. They were both immature but we didn't care, it was all high-fives and grins when we put these on the ground.

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The first one I shot we breasted it and put the meat on the grill with nothing else. It was terrific and tasted a lot like good beef.
care to give away the honey hole? I never even get the HIP number for it because I've never even seen one. But I'm always up for something new. How do you hunt them? Being a crane do you shoot them like ducks?
Eatin' Sandhill

My first Sandhill was so tough, everything we ever cooked in that kitchen was tough after that.

It was the Mathuselah of cranes!

This is just something funny i remeber from college. I was walking to class one day and I hear the call of the sandhills above me and i start lookin up like i am sure most of us hunters do. while searching for the distant flock i notice several fellow students (hippies) looking at me like im nuts or high or something. Its then i thought how much all those people are missing out on.

then again i aint never been able to shoot one of the suckers so i guess im missin out too!!!! **** things just fly to high. Most the guys around here say they taste just like a giant quail but i dont see how since they are a long flight animal????

congrats on thumpin a couple of them

This one wasn't tough, I thought it tasted more like a giant dove than a giant quail. I ended up tryin' to cook it like a turkey, I think I'll do it different next time. As for the long flight thing, if you watch em' fly they aren't workin' too hard at it.

As for my honey hole, can't give that one up. But there are plenty of places along the lower Arkansas where you can get em'. You just hunt em like geese in the fields. It helps if you can learn to make the call.
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