First Squirrel


Nov 16, 2003
Yesterday, after putting up deer stands, my 9 year old son and I went squirrel hunting. He got his first squirrel with one shot for his 10/22. He was an excited young man after making the shot.
We saw several more squirrels but none that offered a shot. It was a great afternoon.

congrats to the young hunter

I have a 9 yo daughter who is a squirrel killin machine, sh has a bull barreled chipmunk 22 single shot with a 4x on it, she was 4 for 4 last year, and has got a couple this year, great watching them get excited isn't it.
That is awesome, guys. I got my 8 year old daughter a Rossi Matched Pair for xmas, and she is bugging me daily to go break in that .22LR barrel.
So far she has gone with me hunting for rabbit but hasn't brought her own gun.
Come this fall, after some time at the range, she wants me to find her a squirrel honey hole. I'll gladly take my Marlin model 25 with me too. Nothing beats a warm fall afternoon shooting bushytails.
Thats what its all about, scooterbear, good job. Train them up right... you know the rest.

here is one of my daughter (10) after her first kill this week. We kind of cheated though, chipmink was raiding the bird feeder. Eard a Aguila super colibri through the chest for his reward....


Rifle is a Henry single shot that she used this last winter in the NRA junior marksmanship program.
My mom bought a little single shot 22 and got my first squirrel with it Since then my daughter and two grandsons have gotten their first Squirrels with the same gun

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