first "long range" kill of the season


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Mar 15, 2004
I made my first long range kill of the season tonight
I was using a bow so when i say long range i mean 45 yards.

How long was your arrow??? Longer arrows shorten the distance ya know!

My last 45+ yard whack at a deer amounted to an arrow firmly embedded into a tree. Too much lead on the critter I guess.
Lititz!! Hell I grew up in East Petersburg.. we were neighbors about 15 years ago!!
I've shot both a doe and a buck at 38 yards...

Short arrows, though......
My arrows are prolly around 30 or so inches, my draw length is 29 1/2 inches. Oh yeah this was also my first bow kill. All in all it was pretty awesome
38 yards is a long shot too! I set myself a 30 yard limit, but the shot was perfectly broadside. I held about a foot over it with my 30 yard pin and got lucky i guess. But hey thats us long range hunters always pushing ourselves a little bit further
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