First goat of 09


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Sep 22, 2009
South Dakota
Alright folks, opening weekend in SD and I scored big for my area. Goats in Bennett Co South Dakota don't get much bigger than this. Haven't measured it and I am not going to try and estimate but the hunt was very memorable.
Took two shots at 683m with 6mm 75gr Vmax ammo in the AR.243WSSM with Gemtech HVT suppressor. First shot was high, just above the spine and at the very front of the back straps. 2nd shot was right on the money, through the left shoulder blade, through the body cavity, out the right side and lodged in the right shoulder. An over all great end to a wildly adventurous hunting weekend. Next weekend I will be returning for my doe as well as resuming my archery deer experience in the same county.
All else, good luck this season.

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I love it........ Sniping goats:D

Good luck with the doe and great gilly:)

Congrats for your buck and for that long range kill.
He looks really cool, thick based horns. Hunting for them like snipers is got to be awesome!!!
Keep us posted on you doe hunt.
Will do. There are only about 2 ways to hunt goats in Bennett county. Ghillie suit and sniper crawl, or the 60mph Stalk with the mirror for a rest. The latter doesnt work as well because they are such a nuisance people chase/shoot at them all year long to keep them away from they hay for cows, and they tend to bolt any time a vehicle gets within 3/4 of a mile. The slightest spook and they head east 2 miles to Todd County (reservation) where they are "safe"
as i am a resident i dont really know how hard it is to get a non-resident tag. This link is a pdf of the paper application that shows all the rules and directions.

This link is to the SDGFP website that will let you apply for stuff online. Looks like there are left over doe tags on a first come/first sever basis but the season closes on Oct 18, so you better get on it if you want one. How much for resident, you'd have to check on the site.
Hunting in South Dakota
Awesome goat how was the hunting for you this year we hunted harding county and the CO there said he thought they had lost about 60 to 80 percent of the herd in that area due to the harsh winter.
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