First Deer Hunt


Apr 11, 2003
We had the opportunity to hunt on a 28,000 acre ranch that had whitetail, elk, antelope, turkey, pigs, cows and coyotes in central Texas. My dad and I had hunted here for a couple of seasons. The rules were simple, first year you go with dad, second you go with dad and bring your rifle and the third year you got to hunt in a blind by yourself. Mainly to ensure that you knew the difference between elk, cows (both off limits) and whitetails.
My little brother, Keith (10yrs old), was on his first hunting trip with dad. They were sitting in a two man elevated blind back to back on a morning hunt. As the sun started to come up Keith tells my dad that they are a bunch of quail about 100yds away. Dad reminds him that they are deer hunting and to stay quiet. 10 minutes go by and Keith reminds dad that there are a bunch of quail, about 20 a hundred yards away and adds that he thinks he could shoot one. Dad tells him not to move around so much because the deer should be moving soon. About 5 more minutes go by and Keith is really starting to stir, he says "Dad these are the biggest, blackest quail I've ever seen!" Dad finally turns around to see 20 turkey at 100yds.
It is the weekend before Thanksgiving and mom is planning on going to Luby's Cafeteria for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Dad couldn't maneuver to take the shot so he passed the rifle (.300 Savage) to Keith. Keith had never fired anything bigger than a .22LR at this point. He told Keith to pick the largest Gobbler, to aim at its head so not to ruin any of the meat, and slowly pull the trigger. When the rifle cracked the turkey flew everywhere, all but one that was flopping on the ground. Keith had hit that bird straight through the head.
To this day no one knows if that was the bird he aimed at but mom had to cook Thanksgiving dinner that year.
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